Reply To: Hip Bursitis and Gout

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Oh crap, you are right! I edited my original post so no one gets confused by my mistake, they are indeed 0.6mg capsules. Sorry!

And just to be clear, I take two 0.6mg at first sign and attack is going to be bad, and a third 2-3 hours later. So three doses in the first 24 hours, which totals 1.8mg. That initial high dose in the first 24 hours was prescribed to me to really knock back a serious attack, and it’s worked every time so far. The other two examples I made are kind of self regulated.

Any flares I’ve had that have topped out at 4 on the scale haven’t lasted more than a couple of days, and have been well within my range of tolerance. At that level, I focus diligently for any increase in pain or swelling beyond, and that’s where I pop a pill or two.