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In my opinion, in your situation there’s no need to check again after an increasing your dose to a mere 150mg. It would be ideal to check very often but lots of doctors would have you go straight to 200mg anyway. So I think increasing first to 150mg and then to 200mg after only two weeks and without waiting for another blood test also makes sense.
And like I said above, I think it would be reasonable to target 5 rather than 6 in your case which is why I had already dismissed 150mg as a dose you would want to settle on. One always need to wait for several blood tests to confirm one’s guesses but 200mg looks like a more reasonable dose for you.
That said, as long as you seem to tolerate well the drugs targetting symptoms, there’s no urgency to increase your dose so you could justify being very careful. The one important thing was not to delay further the test you’ve just done. Since everything seems to be going smoothly, I don’t think there could be a strong argument against the details of any dose increase schedule you or doctor(s) might fancy at this point.