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Hi Fire Titan,

You volunteered a lot of information but not your UA test results. It is NOT the case that simply taking allopurinol will eliminate crystals after a number of months. You must also take enough allopurinol… and how much is enough depends primarily on UA test results. 100mg a day is typically not enough. Maybe you understood this already but I wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding.
Likewise, dosage also affects the effectiveness of anti-inflammatories.
Lots of people have had attacks on allopurinol. It seems you started very soon after you experienced your first clear gout symptoms so you are less at risk and a sufficient dose should cure you quicker than many others.

About side effects, it really depends on the individual.
You should AT LEAST get your your liver and kidney function markers tested. These are fine in most cases but not in every case! Allopurinol is a harmful drug to some people and a deadly drug to a few.
But this is not all about blood tests. The side effects you feel also matter and the ones you listed are somewhat worrying in my opinion.
I’d say the first thing to do is to determine which drug is causing this. AFTER getting a blood test, is it possible you could stop colchicine and take prednisone instead for a short while to see what that does to the side effects you’re experiencing? Ideally, you’d want to test allopurinol alone but that may not be practical depending on your ongoing inflammation.
There are alternatives to allopurinol nowadays if it turns out you are suffereing from persistent side effects. So don’t keep taking a drug which slowly grinds you down.
And if it turns out you aren’t getting serious side effects from either anti-inflammatories or colchicine, consider taking both to suppress gout symptoms (obviously you want to discuss drug combinations with your doctor before trying them). Some people have taken quite large amounts of both drugs which is obviously not ideal but as you’ve noticed gout can be debilitating so some people are motivated to do whatever it takes to suppress the symptoms.

The effectiveness of changes in diet and lifestyle also vary a lot between individuals. I was able to lower my UA by more than 1mg.
Fish and chicken are also meat, and no better than mammalian meat as far as UA is concerned. Avoiding mamallian meat might have an effect on your iron however but research this carefully before jumping to conclusions.