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Fire Titan

Hi Nobody
Thanks again for the advice .

So this is what I have done

Wed(Day 1) :- Stopped Allopurinol
Coughed up phloegm mixed with water when going to sleep
(Maybe the lungs are clearing)
Saw Dr.Got UA Results
Urate has gone down from 0.51 to 0.40 (Normal range between 0.2-0.42)according to the test paper.
Although I am unsure what is high and what is low and as you say , normal may not matter.
Kidney and liver all good !!

I also took the test for the HLA-B 1502 gene just in case as I am Asian as this predisposes me to Stevens Johnson syndrome, but I will only get these results a bit later.

This is from taking Allopurinol for 1 month and no red meat , a bit of chicken and fish.
Dr said to see a rheumatologist to analyze alternative Allopurinol options.
Dr said maybe take 100mg of Allopurinol every second day ?
But let me see if I can just stop it.

Thur (Day 2) :- Foot feeling twangs of pain, not serious

Took 2 x 3 Tablets Indocid(Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner) (Just in case)
Wheezing feeling much lighter

Friday(Day 3) : At night twang of pain on foot

Took 2 Indocid after dinner
Wheezing lighter

Sat(Day 4) :- Drove for 3 hours for Holiday so foot a bit sensitive

Took 2 Indocid after dinner

Sun(Day 5) :- Foot a bit achy

2 indocid after lunch , 2 indocid after dinner

Mon (Day 6) :- Stopping all Indocid

Wheezing has stopped , so I am assuming its the Allopurinol
So you are right side effects do not go away immediately , they linger in your body
Foot feels ok today.

Emergency plan for attacks

1. 6 x Indocid (2x Breakfast,2 x Lunch & 2x Dinner)
2. 2 x Colchicine tablets, then 1 every 3 hours until you go to the toilet
3. 3 day course of 1 tablet of predisnone

I understand that this is not a long term solution , but I see the rheumatologist on Thursday , then I can see if there is a medicine that will not give me the wheezing.

I asked the Dr whether there were any case studies where the crystals dissolved by themselves, but she said she had not heard of this before.

If I can control the gout attacks via my attack plan above and diet then I will try do this, as the wheezing from the Allopurinol felt very bad.

It’s just those attacks that can be bad, my first one was the worst , then 42 days later I got the second attack , but not so bad as I immediately took Indocid.

I don’t want to take Colchicine again, as I took it for 16 days when I started Allopurinol and it made me feel really bad, so will leave this medicine as a very last resort !!and then I will only take it for 1 day

Another side effect not sure if its related to the Allopurinol , black floaters started appearing in my right eye , that I did not notice before.

I have been monitoring this and maybe because I am aware of it now , I notice them come more frequently , not all the time though.

I am not too keen to re-introduce Allopurinol into my system, but let’s see what the rheumatologist says on Thursday.

I am taking it a day at a time

It’s very interesting my friend has taken Allopurinol for 30 years with no wheezing side effects, so I suppose everybody is uniquely different.
Just my bad luck I suppose.

I know I am just prolonging the inevitable as the crystals need something to break them down, but if the side effects are so bad then I will need to re-evaluate.

Thanks again Nobody for your wisdom !!