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The last two blood tests I had within the last year, both values for UA were within .5 mg/dL of my home meter. I feel confident that my meter is providing accurate levels. All my readings are logged in Excel so I can see at a glance what the average is and the trending. I have cut back my Allo by 50% (150 mg) which resulted in a small increase in the trend line but is now holding steady at 4.2. Liver function tests also are within normal ranges. My goal is to get my Allo down to 75 mg and UA no greater then 5.5 mg/dL.

AS for the PVNS, I do have an appointment this Thursday with my Ortho MD to get his thoughts and best if any treatment plan. Since I also live very close to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, it’s highly likely I’ll get an appointment there since they specialize in rare conditions like PVNS. I’l be sure to mention a consult with a rheumatologist. I’m highly suspicious that this is gout and not PVNS although with my UA being in check for over a year, who knows.