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Fire Titan

Ah , yes those were my thoughts exactly !!
I will give it my best these next 3 months with a very strict diet and daily exercise and see how I go.
Worst comes to worst I will have to accept and then start on the febuxostat.
I agree with you on the dosage of Arcoxia at the 60mg dose my uncle took the 120mg dose as he has bad gout on his knee.
I thought that Arcoxia was like taking Indocid and Panadeine together ?
A mixture of something for the pain and for the inflammation, I may be wrong.

I suppose it also depends on how severe your attacks are, my first one was can’t walk bad, my second was painful but could still walk,

My foot is a bit red today and when I tap it it is sensitive , but I am resisting taking the Indocid again , today is day 4 with no meds at all.

Not sure if thats a wise choice, but lets see how I feel tomorrow, going from taking indocid every day to once every 4 days is not bad.

I am going to try every trick in the book to beat this gout naturally, might as well put up a good fight before I concede !!

My gout daily plan will be

1. 2 celery tablets in the morning
2. 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar mixed with water
3. 3 litres of water during the course of the day
4. A couple of glasses of cherry juice
5. Some eye medicine(2 tablets) with lutein and 150mg of Vitamin C
6. Gym twice a day ( Lunch & at night)
7. 2 celery tablets at night
8. No meat, chicken or fish
9. 1900 calories max a day
10. Lose 2.9Kg in 1 month
11. Experiment with Traditional Chinese medicine
12. Try folic acid?
13. Try tumeric?
14. 1 packet of Urol dissolved in water , once every 2 or 3 days

Lofty goals I know, but I have done the diet before and it worked, just without being vegetarian so that will be the challenge.

What are your thoughts for my daily plan 🙂

I am getting quite frustrated that there is no natural remedy for gout !!
Surely there must be a formula that people have used to reduce their uric acid that works for them ?
I understand that the medication works much quicker and is historically proven, but depending on the individual reaction to the side effects it may not be worth it.

Regarding the UA magic number of 0.36, that’s apparently the concentration of uric acid in your blood where it will dissolve in your blood , anything above that will start forming crystals, this is supposed to be scientifically proven.So quite cut and dry, therefore I suppose the goal of stabilising your blood to this number or lower, so no crystals will form.

I suppose to change your bodies functioning is quite difficult if you have been eating a meat diet for over 40 years !!
Your body I suppose gets used to producing a lot of uric acid in preparation to cater for all that purine.
So I guess that’s why it’s so difficult to change it by diet only , and medicine is needed to help.

Is it possible to get your UA down to zero? or is that a bad thing, too little UA can also be bad right.

What were the frequency of your gout attacks over the years ? and has it stabilised now and for how long ?

What were your allergic reactions to Allopurinol ?
Are you on Febuxostat now?

Any natural remedies that you are taking or have worked for you ?

Apologies for all the questions, but just interesting to know your experience.

Thanks again