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Congratulations on your sobriety!
The benefits will show over the years.

What you read is unfortunately correct: especially if you’ve had gout for a long time, attacks are part of the cure. Gout is a slow disease which takes years to set in and which also takes a long time to go away after you have set the right course.
You can have long breaks between attacks regardless of how responsible you’ve been so not having attacks for a few months isn’t a reliable sign you’re getting better.
Your guess is also correct: if you did not take enough allopurinol to cure your gout and go on to increase the dose, this could have the same effect as starting allopurinol.

Unfortunately, merely having several attacks is not sufficient to tell whether your new allopurinol dose is strong enough or not.
The results of blood tests might give us clues about what’s going on.
If you have experience with the various stage of the disease and therapy, you can get a feel for what’s going on in your body but I don’t think it would be responsible to try to make guesses based only on the subjective reports of a complete stranger over the Internet.