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Fire Titan

H Nobody , apologies I responded to your answer last night but must of forgot to press the submit button !!

No worries, any information you give me is invaluable.
I understand what you are saying about natural remedies difficult to know what works or not.

Yes, I only plan to lose about 2.9 kg not a lot, and the exercise I will take it easy

My question is if I do take Febuxostat for 6 months to a year or until all the crystals are gone, can I stop ?
Or will my body be so used to it that I can’t.

Surely if all the crystals are dissolved, confirmation with a DECT scan then stopping the Febuxostat wont trigger any more attacks as the crystals are gone?

Once the crystals are gone, and I stop the Febuxostat then maybe I get 3 monthly UA tests to confirm my UA is not going back up again?
And if it’s not then problem resolved ? or is it not that simple.

Just very wary of taking long term meds since the wheezing episode with the Allopurinol and the chance of increased tinnitus which may impact my existing tinnitus(Still very minor, but don’t want to take the risk.

Also how long before the Allopurinol leaves my system , i only took it for a month and now its been 12 days that I am off it, but there is still some very light wheezing.

My toe joint a bit sore today I did a lot of walking so a bit red and sore to the touch aaargh.

It seems to me to get rid of these crystals will take at least a year with constant medication !! is this a correct statement?

Thanks again for all the info