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@nobody and @Keith..
My my my… what a period of time has passed since our last encounter.

2019 has been a roller-coaster and is finally settling down. tawrikt I’m still waiting for that email stating when your coming over to the small island so I can buy you a coffee (as you know, I stopped drinking long long ago) 🙂

Keith I’ve taken a brief look at a few posts and haven’t seen your presence much. I’m hoping your still good and well and that this forum isn’t just about living from some server in a cupboard in the attic..! Let me know if you need help maintaining the site or if I can help with the tech side.

I wanted to give you both a little update.
So as you both know it’s been tricky times with my situation. We will all know in around 3 months if the blood medication I have been taking since last year is in fact a placebo or is the real thing and it just didn’t work. If it was the placebo, well… that opens a new avenue all over again and we can deal with it then. As we concluded last time I have stuck firmly with the 100mgs Febuxostat ignoring my primary rheumatologist advice to move to 120mgs (more on that later though).

As you correctly advised, the UA levels started to drop naturally without changing my dose or dietary habits around January this year. They have spiked twice which is something I’d like to ask you about. So to the results:

Nov 18 – 340
Nov 18 – 378 (tested twice in this month)
Dec 18 – 374
Jan 19 – 353
Feb 19 – 319
Feb 19 – 392 (tested twice in this month)
Mar 19 – 349
Apr 19 – 327

The 392 spike in February seemed to have been noise but the 349 result in March may actually mean the February 319 result was a fluke. Taking the results in general however (340+378+374+353+319+392+349+327) / 8 = 314 [strictly average].

So it seems the extra 20mgs that we added at the end of October 2018 reduced UA levels by only around 20 or so which as you rightly said (diminishing return).

In light of the above my rheumatologist has suggested to increase the dose slightly more by alternating days of 120mgs and 80mgs. He doesn’t want to move into 120mgs daily just yet. Argument being to maximise any possible dosing technique in order to get consistent 330ummol and below results whilst leaving 120mgs daily as a final option.

I’m not too sure what to do? I just don’t want my gout to be getting insidiously worse with these erratic results (unless you think they are within safe values to play the waiting game a little longer).

One last thing, has anyone heard of MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) or Organic Sulfar? I’ve been made aware that it helps with pain relief of bones and joints which I still experience quiet often whilst I silently keep telling myself (or wishfully think) the pain is only there because of crystal dissolution and will eventually go away…..