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Fire Titan,
It seems like you’re unclear on something: You get gout for one of two reasons, either your body produces too much uric acid or it can’t excrete enough. If you clear the crystals with meds and then stop taking them, your body is bound to re-accumulate more, and unfortunately you’ll most likely be right back to having attacks again. And you probably won’t know it because crystals accumulate over long periods of time before reaching a point where they cause attacks. To be honest, it doesn’t seem feasible to me that you’ll be able to get your blood tested often enough to track the UA spikes that cause crystal formation over months and years.

The meds will keep your body at a non-saturation point for the duration, so if you can find a med that works well for you without side effects, maybe you should try to get out of the mindset to stop taking them as soon as you’ve cleared your current accumulation. If your gout has become chronic, and it sounds like it has (I’ve never experienced anywhere near the prolonged symptoms you’re describing, especially after taking colchicine), you’re treating a lifelong condition now, not a temporary one. And I’m sorry you had trouble with the Allopurinol, I started recently and it’s working wonders for me with zero side effects.