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Fire Titan

Hi Nobody

Yes I understand where you are coming from , at the moment I am just trying to eat more healthy and if I lose weight because of that then it’s good, but i agree slowly slowly.

How about the strategy of buying a home uric acid tester and testing every week, just to monitor if I am on the right track with my UA?

I just had a long chat with my friend who has had gout for over 30 years, he tried a year diet of just boiled chicken and fish ..aargh and it worked for him he managed to get his UA down to below 3.6 constantly
But then due to the strict diet he relented and now he is on 300mg Allopurinol now he eats anything within reason so I agree with you , it can be done by diet alone, just depends on your resolve and of course whether it is genetic or not.
His father and grandfather and aunt have had gout so it runs in the family.

My foot has calmed down now about 95%
I am trying some ointment named Kunzea Cream , it seems to give some relief

I also have some soup made with nearly ripe papaya and barley , which has really helped reduce the inflammation.

I don’t want to take the Indocid anymore as I believe it may have increased my existing tinnitus as it is ototoxic

I took it once when my inflammation was bad and the results this time were instant as I had stopped it for 8 days.

But now too scared to take it as my research has confirmed that this is true together with my personal experience

Yes let’s hope the crystals go quick