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The longer you allow your gout to worsen, the harder it will become to tell when attacks stop or indeed whether any problem you are experiencing is due to gout or not.
The textbook attack features 3 main diagnostic signs: severe pain, redness and swelling. There’s also the matter of how the swelling feels when you touch it. But of course an attack deep in the knee joint isn’t as likely to cause a reddening of the skin as a toe joint attack. Likewise, a knee swelling isn’t going to feel like a toe swelling.
Painless swelling could potentially be due to an ongoing attack but it could also be the after-effect of an attack (your “response that requires time to recuperate”), the effect of damage done by an attack (I had a knee which hurt for the longest time after an attack when I performed certain tasks for instance) or even something else entirely. It’s hard enough to tell what’s going on when it’s your own knee so guessing over the Internet…

Crystal production doesn’t stop after an attack (not typically anyway).