Reply To: Allopurinol


Yes, going back on colchicine for a little while sounds like a good idea. However…
First, it is very important that you make sure the allopurinol dose you are taking is appropriate for you and your lifestyle. The most straightforward way to do that when you are starting allopurinol is to test the amount of uric acid in your blood several times after you start the drug. It is not to late to do this if you haven’t already. You need to get blood tests to make sure your allopurinol use isn’t impairing your liver or kidney function anyway.
Second, you could try a lower colchicine dose to limit its side effects and possibly combine it with indomethacin. You could also try to use colchicine only after symptoms start (but without delay!) instead of every day.
Third, the amount of indomethacin you took may have been insufficient (a small amount would work better in combination with colchicine).
Fourth, there are lots of other drugs similar to indomethacin you could try to see if they give you more acceptable side-effects.
And finally, even with an appropriate allopurinol dose, it may well take more than “a few months” to completely cure your gout considering it sounds like you have been managing the symptoms of gout without addressing uric acid for such a long time. So it’s worth finding ways to deal with gout symptoms which do not involve a daily colchicine dose (though that could be your best option right now).