Reply To: Allopurinol

Antwerpen Seven

@nobody. Thanks for this thorough advice. Really appreciate it.

I talked to my Doc again today and the issue with the Colcochine is that it interacts poorly with a statin I am on for cholesterol. There have been, while rare, some reported cases of it causing rhabo and a few deaths.

Also, the reason the Indomethacin was not working as well is that I was not taking three a day during an attack, just one or two. This time I went to three and while it takes longer to gain relief in comparison to Prednisone it did work and this morning I am pain free. While it makes me feel a bit “high” I will deal with it for now so as not to get carried away with Pred.

Interestingly he also wants me to take one per day in between these Aluprurinol induced attacks as a preventative.

Really looking forward to the moment Allupurinol starts working and this ramping up cycle ends.