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Fire Titan

Hi Nobody
I am back 🙂

I tried Febuxostat for 3 days side effects included.

1) Bad wheezing just after 3 days, Allopurinol wheezing after 30 days
2) Tinnitus got worse
3) Starting coughing blood
4) Reduced my immune system so much, yellow and green phloegm
Went to GP gave me penicillin (Amoxillin) for 7 days then it went away.

5) A few weeks later I think the Febuxostat activated something in my body
a) Lower base of thumb joint aches/sharp pain
b) Left Index finger , tender bump emerging
c) Some of my finger joints are tender when I brush against things
6) Initial toe joint that I had the initial attack for all good though

So now I have tried Allopurinol and Febuxostat to no avail.

I really dont want to try other URIC acid lowering medicine now , I am too scared, each time it screws up my system so bad and it takes so long to recover.

So yes my Uric acid is 0.51 supposed to be 0.36 , but now I am looking for a solution that will stop ua crystal formation and reduce the inflammation a little

So what to do you think about taking 500mcg Colchine (1 tablet) a day for one week and then dont take it for the next week

So 1 week on , 1 week off , 1 week on , 1 week off ?

I read that Colchicine will not reduce UA but may prevent or disrupt the formation of crystals and reduce inflammation.

I did take Colchicine together with Allopurinol for 16 days , but I did feel a bit unwell after that 16 days so I stopped the Colchicine.

But if I only take it for a week then stop for a week it should be ok.

Colchicine does not seem to have the same bad effects of Allopurinol and Febuxostat when you start and stop, it seems you can start/stop at anytime without impacting your gout? (Does not give you attacks)

So its been 6 months now without a disabling gout attack on my toe joint now, sure I had episodes when I was coming off the Allopurinol and the Febuxostat, but then I just hit that inflammation with six Indocid tablets and it killed it !!!

So now my worry is long term, diet only reduced my UA by 0.01 , but then again it was only for 3 months, if my body has been on a high purine diet for 45 years I cant expect my UA to lower in 3 months !!

So I am thinking laterally and will use Indocid to kill any attacks I may have, try to eat very well so I don’t trigger my existing crystals.
And take Colchicine as a preventative only , in 1 week off, 1 week on cycles.

I know my UA will still be high, but I want to stop experimenting with UA lowering meds for a bit as it kills my body.

Do you know anybody that is allergic to both Febuxostat and Allopurinol? and may be trying this?

I just want to confirm that it may be a stopgap approach , until I find a solution to lowering my UA to safe levels.

Any advice would be great 🙂