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Randy Smith

Hi Dub Siren,
I take it orally diluted in water, I have JCrow’s brand Lugols Solution(2%). Every cell in the body needs, and uses, Iodine. If a person’s cells don’t have all of what it takes to function at 100%, how can they? And if you’re one of us who are genetically inclined to manifest a deficiency of Iodine as the symptom, Gout, then I think we should supplement with Iodine. But who knows what all can lead to Gout, I don’t! I’m glad I was one of the lucky ones to stumble across this what appears to be relationship between Iodine deficiency and Gout, and I’m very grateful. I still have a bottle of Indomethacin 50 mg capsules available, but it just sits there getting older and older. Not much profit in Iodine for Pharmaceutical companies, so I can understand their lack of interest in it. I hope you’re able to find what leads to your manifestation of Gout attacks, and are able to end the vile extremely painful attacks. There are good books on Iodine, if you’re interested, by Dr Brownstein, Lynne Farrow, and others I’m sure.
Good Luck, and I mean it!