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Gout is a slow disease. You don’t feel it progressing until something triggers it. Experiencing pain after lowering one’s uric acid to 0.48 is not an unexpected development.
If you’ve had gout for 10 years (simply having had 0.6 is not sufficient for a diagnosis), you’ll probably need several years on puricos or similar before the symptoms go away completely. You’ll need to check your dose is right my measuring your uric acid a few more times (and while you’re at it, make sure your liver and kidney function are evaluated when your blood is tested just in case the drug was affecting that). Most likely, you’ll need to take more than 100mg per day.
I must stress that I can’t possibly tell if you have gout or not. But if you do, puricos is the right thing to do. Just be aware that it’s a slow drug addressing the cause of the disease and that a much faster drug is also needed for the symptoms.