Reply To: Gout or doubt


If I may quote myself in order to answer your question:
“If you’ve had gout for 10 years (simply having had 0.6 is not sufficient for a diagnosis), you’ll probably need several years on puricos or similar before the symptoms go away completely. You’ll need to check your dose is right by measuring your uric acid a few more times (and while you’re at it, make sure your liver and kidney function are evaluated”

I would also recommend eating very little animal flesh for a few months as well as drinking plenty of water. Also avoid very large meals as well as starvation or unusually strenuous exercise. Some milk or yogurt every day might help. And you should of course make sure you eat enough vegetables and low-sugar fruits such as lemons to get all the minerals and vitamins you need. But the most important thing is to avoid alcohol and other diuretics.
If you keep taking 200mg and your uric acid keeps reading 0.3 or similar, you’ll be able to relax these rules after a while or even forget about them entirely if you aren’t prone to excesses.

Red meat isn’t necessarily worse than other kinds of meat unless perhaps you have too much iron in your body (maybe get that checked next time you have a blood test). With meat, the amount you eat matters as well as the exact type. Lean steak isn’t very bad for instance.
If you do eat meat, there is no magic fix other than following the rules outlined above. You could of course take even more puricos before and after eating meat but I would certainly not recommend it because this drug does have side effects and eating lots of meat isn’t healthy to begin with.

Even if you do everything right, you might still get many mild attacks (and even a few serious ones) in the following weeks or months. In that case, ask your doctor for colchicine (you’d take a small amount every day for a month or two in addition to your other medications).