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Keith Taylor

So this is quite interesting.

Well Jack, I’d say it’s very interesting. Because it’s the first time I’ve heard this. So it’s something for me to look into.
Am I right in assuming you are referring to this?
Papi, Alberto, Marco Contoli, Pierluigi Gasparini, Laura Bristot, Michael R. Edwards, Milvia Chicca, Marilena Leis et al. “Role of xanthine oxidase activation and reduced glutathione depletion in rhinovirus induction of inflammation in respiratory epithelial cells.” Journal of Biological Chemistry 283, no. 42 (2008): 28595-28606. Free from publisher at

In any case, I’m always interested in references to articles about uric acid and gout. So I’ll read that properly soon, and also look at more recent articles that have cited it (only 51 to go! 😉 )

I like your approach to uric acid treatment:

With 200mg daily, my levels dropped from peaks of around 600 to sub 300. My plan is to maintain this level for six months, in order to dissolve any deposits, then attempt to titrate back to 100mg daily to maintain a safe level. We shall see.

And I believe lot’s of gout sufferers can learn a lot from your approach.

For people who don’t recognize the scale, it’s μmol/L where 300 is equivalent to 5mg/dL. So take a lead from Jack. Get uric acid low to encourage old crystals to dissolve. Then you can consider reducing allopurinol dose to maintain a healthy 6mg/dL for the rest of your long, happy life. Of course, I should add that you must discuss those targets with your doctor. Because other factors in your medical history might imply different targets.