Reply To: 3 Weeks Now

Girish Kewalramani

Hi Jerry, have you had blood work done to check your uric acid (UA) levels? Once the flare-up and pain have gone completely and you are back to normal, my first advice would be to find out your UA levels. Based on your comment, it seems this is your second gout episode; if so, you should discuss Uric Acid lowering medications with your doctor (Allopurinol or Febuxostat). Plan with your doctor and start with a low dose and titrate the dose up slowly until your uric acid levels are in a safe zone (350 umol/l or 6.0 mg/dL). Gout is a metabolic disorder and its best managed with a Uric acid-lowering medicine coupled with a watchful diet and moderate exercise. A lot of patients try to control it without the medication, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. Monitor what you eat very carefully and stay away from purine-rich foods, carbonated sweetened drinks, and Alcohol (especially Beer).