Reply To: 3 Weeks Now

Keith Taylor

Thanks Jerry,

I’m sad that your relationship with your doctor isn’t great. But hopefully that will change when you get better advice from your rheumatologist. Most importantly, your rheumatologist will test your blood for uric acid. So you can finally start to manage your gout properly.

This is the first flare that lasted over a week, and first that moved from one leg to the other.

This is typical of the progressive nature of gout. Because crystals build up in your joints over the years. So what starts out as an occasional attack in one or two joints eventually spreads throughout your body. But I’m sure your rheumatologist can put an end to that.

Always remember that you can ask here about anything you are unsure of. Also, it will be nice to get an update after your appointment so we can share in your recovery 🙂