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Keith Taylor

As this question was sent to my helpdesk, I would normally answer it in Gout Q&A. But it’s a poor question to start that new service for addressing gout concerns. So I replied personally with a correspondingly curt and useless “yes or no” before adding it to this thread.

In fact, “yes or no” is the correct answer. Because if you drink non-alcoholic beer in normal quantities as part of a healthy diet then it is safe for gout. But if you only consume non-alcoholic beer (or any other single food item) each day, all day. Then it is not safe for gout.

The irony of this question is that it was sent from my page: Best Alcohol For Gout – What’s Yours? Where I specifically state:

You cannot assess if a single food item or beverage is good or bad for gout. You must assess total diet with regard to 5 bad gout food groups

Having said all that – this is a public discussion service. Where my opinion is just one among many. So what’s your opinion on “Is non-alcoholic beer safe for gout”?

More importantly, have you ever discussed this with your doctor? If so, what did they say?