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Keith Taylor

I also like pollock but I’m not sure I’ve ever had swaii or talipia. I guess we should get together and swap recipes.

I’m not sure what I can do on this. Purine numbers for individual foods are extremely hard to come by. I spent weeks researching my original list of foods high in uric acid. Later, I learned that vegetable purines don’t make gout worse. I spent some more time researching detailed purines for meat and fish.

Since producing those epic lists, I’ve learned that purines from food are only ever important when you are micro-managing food and drink for your gout diet. For gout sufferers who are micro-managing their gout diet, I’d like to make my lists easier to use.

Please can you tell me more about the way you manage your gout through gout diet control. My experiments on this failed many years ago, so I cjanged my approach to gout control. I now rely on allopurinol to control gout. And, I adopt healthy nutrition principles to try and make my diet gout-friendly.

Please let me know the details of how you use my gout food lists to control your uric acid.