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Keith Taylor

I think gout control is the same whether you rely on pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, or something else.

Some things help uric acid. Some things help inflammation. Rarely, some might help both.

Whichever mix you chose, you can only control gout if you measure the results of whatever you are taking. Gout will never go away until you get uric acid below its crystallization point. If you know that uric acid is below that, then any gout pain is a sign that old crystals are dissolving, and you are recovering from gout.

Returning to Rhys’ original question about omega 3. I think there are enough studies around to prove the benefits of omega 3. My problem is that I can’t relate these to gout in any meaningful way. The science suggests that they should help inflammation. I cannot see any difference between different sources of omega 3. As for uric acid, I reviewed a 2011 investigation at I cannot see any improvements on this research to include humans. If anyone knows recent research on uric acid and omega 3, please share the links.

The biggest issue for me is context. I.e. is it right to worry about different sources of omega 3? Or is it more important to correct bigger problems with gout diet first?

We know from recent research that vegan diets are generally the worst diets for gout. Now, those are just statistics, so what really matters is the individual.

There’s one thing I’m certain of. Nobody will ever prove that omega 3 is good for all gout. It has to be considered on an individual basis. That individual has to be prepared to keep some detailed personal records.

Does everybody realize that gout diet has to be personal?

Is anybody prepared to share there own experiments with managing their diet to control gout?

Sorry! Reading back, that’s not particularly helpful. I’ll repeat Rhys’ question:

[has] anyone else has done the hard lifting on [omega 3 and gout]