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Rebecca Nahid

What is true is that bacteria found in soil are the source of vitamin B12, and we get it by eating a little dirt on vegetables, or by eating animals who did the same thing. Because plants are more thoroughly washed now, we no longer get as much B12 from plants. Animals raised for human consumption don’t get as much dietary B12 as they used to either, because of changes in feeding methods, though animals have more B12 as a rule than thoroughly washed vegetables.

There is another reason why plants have reduced levels of many common nutrients: they have been bred to grow larger. The larger plants do not necessarily increase their nutrient uptake to compensate, leading to lower levels of nutrients. So it isn’t that soil is less nutritious, but that plants don’t absorb as many nutrients, and the missing nutrients must come from other sources. Animals are given supplements to compensate, and this is a major reason why animals tend to have higher B12 levels than washed plants.

I don’t think it’s about an us vs them argument when it comes to meat Eaters and vegans I just think that in general meat Eaters are given a lot less Flack than vegans. It is completely unfair to cross examine somebody over what they eat and that is why I’ve had for the last 7 years since going vegan. Also I don’t class my eating habits as a diet I am vegan that is my choice yes but it’s not a diet under any circumstances it’s a lifestyle and in fact a healthy lifestyle judging by all of my medical examinations so I know for a fact that there are no pitfalls in my diet if they were I would seek to rectify them.

Yes I do enjoy sugar and I do enjoy vegan cakes but I really am not going to worry about any potential pitfalls in my so-called diet the only thing I would like is to lose some weight which I suspect 70 or 80% of the population do as well.