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Rebecca Nahid

Please help me lose weight after starting allopurinol

I hope somebody can help me here I’m desperately trying to lose weight. Since starting allopurinol last year I have gained a stone (UK measurement = 14 lbs) within that time and I’ve not changed my eating habits. I’m following a sensible controlled diet and exercising and I’m not shifting £1.

I have thought about giving Atkins ago now before everybody shouts at me and says no I am vegan so it will be different. I will be eating lots of protein sources from tofu pea protein etc all of which I tolerate well and have not caused any gout flare ups. I just wondered if it would be sensible though as I know Atkins is linked to gout but the low carb is only really low in the very beginning few weeks and then you reintroduce higher amounts. I know people will probably tell me I need to just eat a balanced diet and that is what I have been doing but I’m not losing any weight and getting very depressed over it.

I have also looked into the 5:2 diet plan which has since been relax slightly to allow 800 calories instead of 500 2 days a week. No I know that fasting has been linked to raised uric acid levels but would 800 calories a day be classed as actual fasting because I would have thought fasting is when you have no calories or extremely low amount as in 200-300 etc per day?

I am prepared to take the risk of a gout attack on here that sounds crazy but I just want to know for my own benefit if these will help me lose weight and avoid flare up because if that’s the case then I will of course follow them until I lose the weight I want to lose. If I don’t try them for fear of getting out I’m just going to be stuck in a rut and I really don’t want that. So I really would welcome any scientific evidence that links the plans I’m thinking of following to erased increase of getting out and not if that’s ok lectures about dieting and weather diets work. Incident in the last year I have also followed Weight Watchers for two months and that did not work either. I’m really not sure what else I can do.

Thanks in advance sorry about all the punctuation mistakes lol