Reply To: Allopurinol question

Gout Foodie

First off I am not a doctor…..

Indomethacin is a pain and inflammation relief drug. It does addresses the symptoms of gout, not the cause. If it hurts take them!

The immediate cause of gout is elevated urate levels, the Allopurinol will address that, though the correct dosage is important. If your doctor put you on 300mg per day then follow his orders! It does seem high. I was put own 100. Self decided to go up to 200, (confirmed by doctor) the rheumatologist put me up to 300. That is only just keeping it in check.

You can Indo and Allo separately, together, whatever. Don’t take to much and follow doctors orders!

The question then arises: why are your urate levels high? You can try and reduce them by altering your diet. This may help, but in my experience not much.It may be you are ageing and your body isn’t working as well as when you were young. It could be genetic – you are prone genetically to this problem.

Meat and shellfish are known to be high in purines. I am vegan so I don’t eat that and I still get gout. I am currently experimenting with Soy. I think Soy may be bad for gout (for me anyway), but I am not yet convinced.

One important thing is weight. Are your overweight? I need to lose 10kg. The rheumatologist also said gout in and of itself is a symptom – an indicator that all is not well. He told me I must lose the weight.

Hope that helps a little.