Reply To: Allopurinol question

Keith Taylor

Hi again, Marilyn,

You got some great responses from Craig and Rod. I hope they help.

When I reviewed Beating Gout by Victor Konshin, I was very impressed. I remember thinking that if it had been around when I first got gout, I’d never have started GoutPal. Of course, you can’t compare a book to a website, but it is a helpful publication. I don’t know if it covers the latest professional rheumatologists recommendations for gout treatment. Certainly, be careful about using the book to get gout medication doses. They should come from a knowledgeable doctor. If you can find one!

300mg is too high to start allopurinol. It’s a serious health risk to do that. Best to change them for 100mg, so you can do what Rod advises. If not, splitting them gives you 150mg. 50 to 100mg is the clear recommended starting dose for allopurinol from the American College of Rheumatologists. So, best to split twice and start on 75mg per day.

What are your thoughts Marilyn?