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Jose Ney Morales

I’m always checking my blood pressure, I’m a paramedic and always have blood pressure machines nearby. My pressure is always normal and my heart rate is always below 60. I’ve been very active (exercising) in the last six months and weigh 180 @ 5’8”.

I’m also prescribed adderall and drink a good amount of caffeine. The only time I feel any side effects from adderall or caffeine is when I’m taking allopurinol or uloric. I’ve also noticed my pressure tends to be on the high side when taking meds for gout, even got up to 230/120 one time. At that time I was asymptomatic except for a bit of double vision. I believe the rise in BP is due to the effects of the gout meds and adhd meds combined.

My blood sugar has always been normal, fasting and after meals. I started testing it regularly approximately two years ago. I stopped testing my blood sugar after failing to see a correlation between the drowsiness I was feeling and Blood glucose level

Date. SUA.
09/21/2010 10.7
03/10/2014 7.1
05/18/2015 4.7
12/06/2016 3.4
04/03/2017 6.0
04/05/2018 8.2
06/30/2018 9.6