Reply To: Allupurinol and beer

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Hello Eric,

Most will agree that none of us have a crystal ball what can be said is this.

Should I expect a gout attack?

If you have just started Allopurinol and you are not taking preventative treatment (Colchicine) you can expect a gout attack regardless of what you drink or eat. Your body is now dissolving uric acid crystals and you are getting better. It might be a rocky ride till you get better but Colchicine is there to keep any attacks at bay in your early allopurinol days.

Can I take colchicine to ward it off?

Yes. 3 ways you can deal with this:

1. Start Colchicine with Allopurinol for a few weeks / months (get advice from rheumatologist first about dosing and length)

2. Take Colchicine anyway to keep it at bay and mind at rest however if you plan to be out and potentially around sick people or hospitals then this isn’t advised as you will potentially be weakening your immune system for no real reason.

3. If you feel an attack coming, just take it then.

How soon after drinking does one get an attack?

If anyone can reliably and accurately give you answer to this life would be much simpler for anyone who visits this site. 🙂

Finally, I personally don’t drink, but if you are taking Allopurinol you already have a safety net in place when it comes to purine rich content.