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Ron Harris

Nobody, thanks for the quick response.
I do have a script for colchicine but was under the impression it was for flare ups not ongoing pain? I will try it tomorrow. I do hope it helps i have been a sloth as of late and need to get feeling better about myself.

I don’t have any ill effects from allopurinol that have surfaced as of yet(100mg for 1mo, 200mg for 3mo). I just hate hearing that the only way I can live “happily” is through pharmacology… I’ve prided myself on taking care; mentally, physically, and dietarly, this UA thing hit me unexpectedly and nocked me off my feet for 6 weeks. I guess I should have seen it coming with my family history. I had always thought it was more about “lifestyle” choices and truly thought you could avoid “gout” by living cleanly, eating right, and taking good care of yourself.

You can never out run genetics…