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I do take colchicine for flareups but I don’t think it’s the best way to use it because it acts slowly.
So far as I know, it’s typically used as a way to prevent flareups (by taking a pill every day) but in my experience it can also disrupt them. It might bring a little relief but shouldn’t get rid of ongoing symptoms on the first day. But see if the swelling improves over the next few days.
I don’t know whether colchicine would help but I think it’s worth trying. Knowing that it doesn’t help would be a clue as to what’s causing your ongoing symptoms.

Some people can fix gout by tweaking their diets, losing weight and so forth.
There’s a definite connection between gout and lifestyles. But if you strongly predisposed to get gout, you’ll get it no matter what. Lots of males get gout way younger than you did so taking care of yourself as you did may have given you many medication-free years.

If you only got one blood test since you’ve been on 200mg, I’d get another. 5.7 mg/dl is kind of borderline and there are variations in test results. If your UA was lower than usual when you got 5.7, it could be too high much of the time.
And some people recommend aiming lower than 5.7 in the first place. Opinions vary but I suspect my doctors would tell you to lower your UA further if your symptoms don’t go away after a while.
Sometimes there is a medical reason not to take more than 200mg though.