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Ron Harris

I want a divorce from allopurinol

Hello, I’m a 55 year old male recently(3/17) diagnosed with gout/uac.
I’m currently on allopurinol(200mg a day)and am looking for a way to get off of allopurinol, I do NOT to be married to a pill for the rest of my of my life 🙁

When I was initially diagnosed, my UA was 8.2 and I was prescribed 100mg allopurinol, but after a month of meds my symptoms did not subside and my UA was at 6.5. I am currently on 200mg a day and my UA is at 5.7.

My Background:
– I have been a healthy vegetarian for 28 years, very low purine intake.
– never been overweight, don’t consume a lot of sugar.
– 6’2″ 220 lbs active, jog 15mi/bike 30-50mi a week, scuba, water/snow ski.
– drink responsibly, hit Vegas a few time a year and been known to party.
– father had gout starting in his 40’s
– grandmother had gout in her 60’s
– had one misdiagnosed gout attack 9/16 then full-blown attack 3/17.

My rheumatologist indicated to me that my high UA was most likely the result of genetics. She ran multiple full panels of bloodwork looking at kidney function, UA, liver function, iron levels(found out I have borderline low ferritin), CBC, all came back normal. She also told me that I most likely will be on allopurinol the rest of my life.

So I have two questions:
1). My foot is still sore and slightly swollen, what is the “average” time for full recovery??

2). Based on life experience/consensus, once diagnosed, with no acute cause for the high UA, are you destined to take medication for the rest of your life??

Thanks in advance,