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I am no doctor so it always best you consult a specialist first but from my experience;

1. It is not gout until it is diagnosed as gout by a qualified rheumatologist. Even then a high uric acid reading is not a ‘confirmation’ it is an ‘indicator’. The only true way to confirm gout is by conducting Joint Fluid Aspiration from the effected joint and checking to see if monosodium urate crystals exist under polarised light or finding a tophus. However; that said, treatment can begin in general to lower uric acid levels in your case as they are very high and that in itself is not healthy for you.

2. IF they are uric acid crystals then one third of your problem is solved. Diet alone probably wont help in dissolving crystals in your case but it can certainly help in reducing the overall dose of allopurinol (or similar) you may need.

3. Allopurinol, Febuxostat. Other medicines also exist which work in different ways.

4. Healthy Diet. The list is exhaustive but increasing intake of vegetables, low fat dairy, cherries and many other foods and techniques. Refer to this as a starting point:

5. How long is a piece of string? This depends on your body and what medications (if any) you decide to take.

6. Exercise is generally advised. It is imperative to get your doctors advice on how much (or if any) is right first.

7. I’m not too sure I understand this question, but you will likely feel pain before you feel the gain.

Two gallons of water a day? That is over 7 litres and even more if you are measuring in Imperial Gallons + your usual food intake. I am no doctor but that definitely seems too much. You should really check your blood sodium levels with your doctor before continuing down that path.