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Keith Taylor

I hope other people share their views on this.

Additives like High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), artificial colorings, and sweeteners such as aspartame bring out the devil in gout sufferers. Many people, including myself, never give such things a thought. Then gout strikes, and we analyze certain parts of our diet in minute detail. I’m not trying to speak for everyone. This is just my view, and my experience.

I lived life at 100mph. Like Patrick, I drank lots of Diet Coke. I wasn’t trying to kid myself it was healthier than regular soda. I just hate the taste of sugary drinks. When I look back now, that Diet Coke was probably one of the healthiest parts of my diet. Then the gout devil bit me, so I stopped soda and other things.

On reflection, I see where I went wrong. It’s analogy time.

Let’s take a literal 100mph drive on a 70mph road. We get stopped, fined, and we realize 100mph is wrong in those circumstances. We moderate our driving, respect the rules, and think more about safety of ourselves and other road users.

But, the knee-jerk reaction with gout, is to go from 100mph to zero.

The other name for that is “Getting nowhere”