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Tim Ricketts

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Hi I have had gout for many years it was always big toe joint I haven’t had an attack in many, many years but one came on just before Christmas I went to the Dr they gave me a cortisone injection which worked like magic to reduce the pain and inflammation but last week I got an attack in the opposite ankle. I know it’s gout because the suddenness and severity of the pain is different to anything I’ve ever experienced and I haven’t sprained or twisted it recently anyway.

Went back to Dr another cortisone shot helped the pain it’s now out of the ‘active’ phase as I call it but walking is difficult because I don’t have full motion flexibility back in the joint yet and the whole of the rest of my leg hurts after walking a short distance – the doc reckons it’s because of the strain of not walking properly due to the joint not fully working yet but man it’s painful. I go a few yards and have to stop. Does anyone recognise these symptoms? Will it get better?

I’m wondering if some other soft tissue like tendons and ligaments could be inflamed because they hurt up and down my leg when I try to walk.

Thanks, Tim