Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing


Having been blindsided by a flareup in the big toe, I was simply in pain. Like I said, no biggie.
Not much of a smartphpone user myself. I use mine like a dumbphone with a better keyboard and I rarely allow the thing to disturb me. I guess that makes me a weirdo.

Good to know your hemoglobin stopped falling. Looks like it really was allopurinol.
For what it’s worth, my hemoglobin dropped a bit after a while on febuxostat (about 1 g/dl, more than the usual variations but a good bit less than the drop I got from minor abdominal surgery for instance) but it might have been an odd coincidence. I don’t get that tested often. But in the data I’ve got, I didn’t notice any effect from colchicine on my hemoglobin.

When using it after a serious attack has started, 0.5mg cochicine doesn’t do much (if anything) for me. I guess two such pills a day would be helpful to prevent the attack from coming back or lasting weeks though.
Whether small doses would work better for you, I can’t say. Small doses might also work well in combination with naproxen. You’ll have to try.
And I don’t know the impact colchicine would have on someone with your blood problem. But as far as the general population is concerned, 1mg/day colchicine is very far from the maximum dose. It’s nothing like 80mg/day febuxostat.