Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing


Of course that’s not what I’m saying. I wouldn’t know because I never tried taking more than 1mg colchicine at a time, as I was told not to do so. But really, do you think it’s possible colchicine could work that fast?
The timeframe I was talking about was the one you originally were talking about: a day. My flareups have previously gotten worse by the next day when I took less than 2mg. But every time I took 2mg or more, whether it got worse over the next few hours or not, by the next day the flareup had started abating. It could of course be a coincidence.
What really makes no sense to me is to take the same amount the first day as during the following days. The stuff is going to build up in your system so if you’re not afraid of what that’s going to do to your body on day 3, why not take more colchicine the first day and get the full effect quicker?