Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing

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the rheumatologist was also pretty shocked to see such a long standing attack. By the way, assuming one doesn’t take colchicine will the inflammation eventually go on its own..?

re: “hardocore”
Ah right. So what dose are you taking now then?

re: overconfident
So how long have you been on febuxostat prior to this attack. I know crystals can linger around for possibly years but when did you actually start taking febuxostat after learning you have gout?

re: my hemoglobin
Chronic inflammation is exactly my worry. Its been ages with this minor inflammation I have and I have no idea when it will go. Is your chronic inflammation a result of not treating it with colchicine or is it something that may never go away?

re: your SUA test result
Yep, you sure did and to be honest I never thought it would go up by 160ummol. I was thinking more 50 or so. Let’s hope it is just a “drug stop shock” and the body just re-adjusts. When you say fairly quickly, how long roughly after stopping? So you are no longer taking ULT?

Cheers mate.