Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing


My tablets are 1mg. I usually take halves as I prefer spreading the intake over time but have many times taken a whole tablet without issues (mostly as an emergency measure).
I’ve taken different amounts. It depends on the situation. I have no fixed rule other than: no more than 1 mg every three hours.
Now I’ve never kept taking that much past the second full tablet and I might split that second tablet depending on how the symptoms evolve. Part of the reason I start cutting my intake at that point that is significant side effects supposedly suggest the dose was excessive and I know I’ll get side effects later if I push it further. But over the course of a whole day, I’ve taken more than 2 mg.
There might be other reasons to take less: if I had already been taking lower amounts as a prophylactic (the stuff can build up in the body), if I was already struggling with the side effects of a different drug, if I didn’t have easy access to a toilet and so forth.

I generally avoid NSAIDs as I tolerate colchicine way better but I would take a moderate NSAID dose on top of colchicine if I had a really bad attack. If I took that NSAID however, I wouldn’t take so much colchicine.
My doctors are concerned about drug interactions. Perhaps that’s only because they know I’m prone to serious side-effects. For instance when I started my current ULT I took neither colchicine nor NSAIDs for a while out of concerns about interactions and that is not what most patients do.
While I’ve used low-dose NSAID along with prophylactic-dose colchicine, my serious attacks have been few and far between since I’ve been taking colchicine and I never tried to use an NSAID along with a large colchicine dose. The one time I was tempted to do that was the first (and only) time I took a large colchicine dose while on febuxostat and I was reluctant to mess with that experiment by adding in another source of side effects.
I also never tried throwing alcohol into the mix. I don’t drink anyway but I’m just mentioning that as a warning since lots of people do and interactions aren’t only between pharmaceuticals.

Has your hemoglobin been improving by the way?