Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing

Keith Taylor

Wow! Thanks, Sian, you remind me why I do this in a very kind way.

I’m currently rethinking my ideas on the best way to keep a gout diary. Because I think I over-complicated my previous attempt. So, hopefully, I can restart that in the New Year.

Moving on to colchicine. I think you are right to treat it with caution. Because it isn’t best for everyone. But, I feel it’s vital to have an effective pain control package during the early months of uric acid lowering.

Colchicine is particularly effective in quelling the riot that takes place in our bodies when our immune system goes on the rampage against uric acid crystals. But the downside is, by suppressing the immune system, we might be more likely to get an infection. As with all medicines, it’s a question of balancing risk and reward.

If your husband has doubts, then tomorrow is the ideal opportunity to discuss pain control with your rheumatologist. Because there are many different gout pain relief options, with different risk-reward profiles.

Good luck to both of you.