Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing

Sian James

Thank you Nobody for your very helpful response. I have taken on board your cautions and we will be making no dosage alterations without the doc’s oversight. And thank you Keith – this is the first time I have clearly understood that colchicine can have an immuno-suppressive effect. I guess my husband’s strong familial history of auto-immune disease is partly what has predisposed him to gout.

I will be pressing the specialist tomorrow for their thoughts on why he seems to be worsening, with less and less time between attacks. We were both prepared for an uncomfortable few months on starting the meds, but a year in, with lifestyle change as well, we are surprised that things are not looking up. I fear he may be in the place you talk eloquently about Keith – of being stuck on a regieme which is not effective enough to de-bulk thoroughly.

But as you have both so wisely said, patience! He doesn’t drink alcohol, he hydrated, and he’s eating a Mediterranean diet.

Thanks again for sharing the journey. I’ll let you know how we get on.