Reply To: Febuxostat and Colchicine dosing

Sian James

Just wanted to update this thread after our appointment with the rheumatologist. He has increased the dose of febuxostat to 120 mg and suggested taking 1000 mcg colchicine daily for a month in split doses.

They are still waiting for the MRI results back, but he suspects that my husband has another form of inflammatory arthritis at work in addition to his gout, given that much of his pain is present in his spine, shoulders, and tendons. On that basis, he has suggested he add Naproxen 500 mg daily, with 300 mg ranitidine.

Not sure about how the kidneys are going to cope with all this. I asked about referral to a nephrologist, but he said best wait until the MRI results are back.

The latest blood tests showed reduced cholesterol into the normal range, and urate level of 250. The doctor felt this was likely to a ‘false negative’ in terms of urates.

My husband is starting another flare in his big toe. Fingers crossed that the new dosing will bring us to steadier ground.

Thank you again for your help. Your responses helped us ask better questions and I think get a more proactive response. We return for review in the same department in three months.