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Patrick PK

Kill Gout with Lime!

Hi Everyone.
I suffered with gout for YEARS! On expensive meds. I once missed 3 weeks of work due to Gout. I used to get buy a LOT of expensive medications. I felt helpless and hopeless. I knew I better not drink not even half a glass of cranberry juice because of the immense pain it caused me………….

Until…………… I followed this doctor on Youtube: Dr. Eric Berg.

He provided a tip and its worth GOLD:

I have tested it now several times and for me it WORKS every time!!!

Squeeze one lime in half a cup of water, drink it down, and watch the severe pain subside as the crystallized particles that are formed by gout are broken down.

Try it. I hope it helps you.

BTW, I never spend a dime on “Gout Medications anymore”……….!!!

The reason I posted this? My wife has been as surprised as I am, and told me: Have you thought of sharing this with others who have been suffering. So there.

[admin note: If you are too shrewd to take medical advice from YouTube, a better starting point is Citrus for Gout – Natural Lower Uric Acid. Then discuss that with your doctor, and share your experience in a new topic that includes less hyperbole and more common sense.]