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Keith Taylor

Hey Mark, that’s a brilliant chart. Any readers who haven’t seen it should go to Blood UA Results.

Sorry, I should’ve responded earlier Mark, just to say thank you. I spent too long thinking about what I might add to it. But, it’s your chart, so thanks is enough.

I must add: I hope you will send updates as you continue to add more data.

Getting back to exercise. Though it seems bad that uric acid rises after hard exercise, it’s not the biggest concern. Short term increases in uric acid production usually cause short term increases in uric acid excretion. So, for most people, the net effect is minimal. In fact, I reported a study showing that, statistically, exercise lowers uric acid.

But, that’s only a pointer. On a personal level, it is important to measure uric acid excretion. Note, the excretion test is only truly valid before you start uric acid lowering treatment (including herbal medicine). Ideally, for exercise enthusiasts, you would arrange 2 tests. One day with normal activity, and one day including strenuous exercise.

The point of the tests is to get the best gout treatment for yourself. Your treatment can be improved if you are an underexcreter of uric acid. So, for the Gout Patient, you might take probenecid on exercise days. And, for the Gout Dieter, you might change some of your usual water intake to skim milk. Finally, for the Gout Herbalist, there are many natural uricosurics to choose from.

This topic is fantastic for emphasizing why gout treatment has to be personal. Exercise done in the right way, is generally beneficial to gout sufferers. But, exercise has to be managed by someone who understands gout. It’s so easy to get it wrong, if the Gout Person is not considered carefully as an individual.