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Since you have gotten no answers so far, I’m going to give you two general suggestions even though I’m not sure understand why you originally shouldn’t have taken allopurinol or why you are now stuck on it.
First, in order to comment about your uric acid levels, one would naturally have to know about them (both before you took allopurinol and now).

Second, do I understand correctly that you would like to eliminate foods that might trigger gout symptoms if you weren’t on allopurinol?
I don’t think that’s a good idea because, if your uric acid level is high enough that you can get gout symptoms just by eating the wrong thing, that level is probably high enough to cause problems in the long run even if you don’t immediately get symptoms from it.
Instead, you may want to try to eliminate or restrict the foods which tend to increase one’s uric acid (as well as trying again some of the stuff which helps to keep it low because their effects might have been masked by uric acid deposits which you have now eliminated). As long as you keep monitoring your uric acid levels, you should be able to lower your dose of allopurinol and see if you manage to compensate with dietary changes.