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Gout Patient

Wrongly prescribed allopurinol and now stuck on it

I was diagnosed with gout at age 26, female and was vegan at the time, pretty healthy diet. I was told that it’s genetic, and I do have a family history of gout amongst other kidney problems. After diagnosis, I was given anti-inflammatories which helped reduce the pain and inflammation and going to my follow-up appt my regular doc was on holiday. The fill-in doc told me I needed to take allopurinol to reduce the uric acid in my body and silly naive me didn’t think to get a second opinion. I was given a 100mg dose and that didn’t work.

While I tried that for about three months I also went to a naturopath and tried copious amounts of supplements, herbs, cherry juice, you name it, to no avail. Finally, my regular doc sent me to see a kidney specialist, and he told me that I should never have been put on it in the first place but now I’m on it and there’s nothing else I can do. He upped me to 300mg/day and that’s worked to keep my uric acid down just fine. However, I’m now 33 and just sick of being reliant on a drug that I shouldn’t need to take. I don’t have any gout symptoms, except for when I try to wean myself off the meds and then I get a small flare-up. Is it worth the risk of increasing my uric acid levels to get off the meds? Also, I would like to try to eliminate the foods that are triggers for me, but how can I do that while I’m taking the allopurinol and have no symptoms? Rock. Hard place… Any advice greatly appreciated!

What do you do if allopurinol is prescribed wrongly? Change your doctor, your prescription, or your treatment plan? Get recovery from bad allopurinol dosing