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Rich Blazeski

Gout in my Middle Toe

hey guys,

long time no posted

Apparently, I am in the middle of an attack, my middle toe-right foot just got swollen, started on Monday. Easy pain, I thought it is because my shoes which were a bit tight, and I was running a bit with them. But the pain developed and now I got the tip of the toe pretty painful, a bit swollen and a bit red. I guess it’s an attack. Last value of my uric acid was 5.4 (raised from 4.3-while on 20 days of alopurinol) one and a half month ago. Didn’t take alopurinol since July. Didn’t drink meanwhile (only a 0.3 l beer and a shot of tequila) but I Ate tomatoes in the last 20 days, daily like 3-4 middle sized tomato per day.
What do you think? Is this an attack? Can’t be something else?