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In your situation, I don’t think a diet-only approach would be likely to succeed. And your gout would certainly be more painful for longer if you tried.
So taking the allopurinol you’ve been prescribed is the most reasonable course of action. Only, if you’ve never taken allopurinol before, starting with 300mg is not recommended. People would normally start with 50mg or 100mg per day and increase their dose every couple of weeks or so.
If you increase your dose progressively while getting regular blood tests (the tests are strongly recommended!), you’ll learn from the results how much allopurinol you actually need. 300mg is OK for lots of people which is why doctors sometimes default to that dose but it should ideally be tailored to each patient.

While you are taking allopurinol, you could also work on a gout diet. It will take some time for you to find a good diet you can live with for years on end.
Once your gout is cured, if you’ve made good progress on the diet front, you could try quitting allopurinol while monitoring your uric acid carefully. Blood tests will tell you if you need to get back on the drug.
Once you are fully cured, you’ll be able try various solutions over the years without risking your health and sanity because it’s a slow disease: curing it takes time but it also shouldn’t come back very quickly.