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marcus hotblack

[feedback from What Gout Foods Can I Eat?]

Hi really interested in the new research on purine rich foods. Vegetables all ok Yipee cutting out mushrooms spinach and cauliflower was not helping my happiness.

Working in India has its benefits as its a very vegetarian society still I have had many attacks how do I get all the detail.

Beef is banned her which is a help but not when I go back home to Australia and BBQs!!

I love dairy too which I hang out for so that is good, but what proper cheeses are low fat? the only cheese easy to get is processed crap or Paneer.

oh and what about beans and lentils and nuts.

is there also an alcohol best to worst? I have been socialising on a glass of red wine or a couple of gin Tonics….beer is history .

it is still is all so confusing.